Alchemy Corner: Far Cry 3 Syringe Shooters

Endorphin Boost (2 green 1 blue)

Aloe Juice

1 piece dried Seaweed (crushed)

1.5 oz. Vodka

1 drop green food colouring

Mix aloe juice and vodka, put seaweed in an infuser and let steep in aloe mixture for 3 min. Add food colouring

Far Cry 3 Endorphin Boost

Ingredients for Far Cry 3’s Endorphin Boost Shooter


Wolfkyn: It tastes like a sour patch kid that’s been soaked in vodka.

Me: I really like this one.  I think vodka complements aloe juice quite well.  I think there is a lot of potential for aloe/vodka martinis.

Hunters Instinct (1 amber)

1 tsp. dried Hibiscus

Boiled Water

1.5 oz. Whiskey

1 drop yellow food colouring

Put Hibiscus in an infuser and steep in boiled water for 3 min, add whiskey and food colouring

Let cool before drinking, or not.  What do I care, it might be quite nice as a hot tea.

Far Cry 3's Hunters Instinct

Ingredient’s for Hunters Instinct Shooter


Wolfkyn: Tastes like rich man’s fast food.  Like it was food from a fast food joint that only the very rich could afford to eat at

Me: I enjoyed this one, it tasted like a fancy iced tea to me.

Sharpshooter (2 Crimson 1 Amber)

1 tsp. dried hibiscus

1 pinch ground ginger

1.5 oz. Grand Marnier

4 drops red food colouring

Put Hibiscus and ginger in an infuser and steep in Grand Marnier for 3 min.  Add food colouring

Far Cry 3's SharpShooter

Ingredients for Sharpshooter Shooter


Wolfkyn: Tastes like cold wet fire

Me: I also liked this one.  Grand Marnier is one of my favourite liqueurs so I might have a bias.  You definitely feel like fire in your gut with this one.

Sprint Burst (2 Blue)

1 piece of dried seaweed (crushed)

1.5 oz. Rum

1 Drop blue food colouring

Mix crushed seaweed, rum and food colouring together.

Far Cry 3's Sprint Burst

Ingredients for Sprint Burst Shooter


Wolfykn:  It’s like um.. Sushi

Me: I didn’t like this one.  Too be honest I spat most of it back out.


Well there you have it.  Four of the syringes you can make in Far Cry 3 made into shooters.

Alli Apocalips modelling the "syringe kit" from Far Cry 3 in a Rakyat inspired Costume

 Modelling the “syringe kit” from Far Cry 3 in a Rakyat inspired Costume


Alli Apocalips

Rakyat Inspired

Rakyat inspired

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